In sales less is more

In Sales, Less is More!

We’ve all suffered through presentations where a salesperson crams ten minutes worth of worthwhile content into an hour of our time. It’s hard to follow, it’s not always what you need to know and you’re left with unanswered questions. How does a presenter avoid these pitfalls?  Over time, I’ve learned three philosophies that help create […]

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Business Valuation

Beyond the Multiples – Part One: Valuation Overview

4 times earnings, 1 times revenue, 6 times free cash flow – we’ve all heard these multiples, or rules of thumb, and maybe used them as a benchmark at some point to determine a company’s value. Formal business valuations are conducted for a variety of tax and legal reasons, and the IRS and the courts […]

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Smiling businessman with paper listening to his colleague at meeting

5 Essential Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask a Candidate During a Job Interview

As a business owner or hiring manager, during any job interview you should spend at least 30 minutes asking your candidate a set of pre-determined behavioural or competency based questions relevant to your specific role. But then, assuming you’re satisfied with their responses, you should definitely ask the following five essential questions that will prove […]

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