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Start-Up Sales – 8 Concepts You Should Know

1. What is sales? The dictionary tells us that it is “the total amount of money that a business receives from selling goods or services.” Sounds easy, doesn’t it? You might love sales, fear it or hate it, but you need to know what it means or how it works because without it you’ll go [...]

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Putting “Value” in Value Propositions

I recently took part in a leadership strategy session where 10 CEOs and business owners operating in a similar market were asked to write down what their top three differentiators were that made their company stand out? Out of those 10 CEOs in the room, seven of them wrote down that their biggest asset as [...]

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Top Trends to Watch for in 2014

With all the technologies coming out this year, a handful will stand out as being bona fide trendsetters. Only a small portion of those will be directly relevant to businesses, both large and small. Here’s a list of trends we think are worth keeping an eye out for, not because they’re popular but because they [...]

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Predictable Growth

Outpace Your Competition And Control Expenses With A Data-Driven Marketing Program Not long ago, marketing was all about standing on the tallest mountain and screaming the loudest. Today’s savvy marketers are demanding (and getting) a whole new level of performance and accountability using data-driven marketing programs. We’ve seen clients significantly increase lead-generation, conversion, visibility and [...]

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Take Inventory of Your Data Assets

The ability to leverage data to create a significant competitive advantage continues to separate the leaders from the laggards in virtually every industry. Until recently, the flood of data produced by most companies was largely ignored and unused. Within the last several years, tools have been created that allow companies to harness the data to [...]

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