Find the Right Buyer

It’s hard to find a buyer who is as concerned with preserving a former owner’s legacy as they are with the financials of the business they’re buying. This kind of respect for the employees, vendors, clients, etc. is good business. A buyer who seeks to preserve and nurture these relationships understands that, and yet such […]

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10 Million Boomers in Search of a Buyer

Baby boomers’ heightened awareness of legacy combined with a penchant for owning businesses is leading to the extraordinary circumstance of 10 million owners searching for the same thing: a buyer who not only has the cash, experience and interest in buying a business, but a concern for the legacy they will inherit with it. OneAccord […]

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Planning for the Unexpected

  Even if you’re not planning to retire in the next five years, you need a transition plan. Betting you’ll make it to retirement age is optimistic, but devastating when you’re wrong. Businesses need to transition for all sorts of unplanned reasons—health issues, family issues, financial crises and, worst of all, death. In the event […]

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Alternatives to Selling Your Business

When the time comes to retire and a business isn’t ready to sell, there are a few options for the owner. The best of these options is to work on the organization with trustworthy advisers and sell when it’s ready. This will take time, but allows for the best price, smoothest transition and greatest peace […]

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In sales less is more

In Sales, Less is More!

We’ve all suffered through presentations where a salesperson crams ten minutes worth of worthwhile content into an hour of our time. It’s hard to follow, it’s not always what you need to know and you’re left with unanswered questions. How does a presenter avoid these pitfalls?  Over time, I’ve learned three philosophies that help create […]

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