Once upon a time

Chapter One: Tell Me a Story

“Tell me a story.” From our earliest days, we want to hear stories. As kids we want the narrative, the drama, the heroes to cheer and the villains to fear. Ascent and falls, challenges, failures and triumph. Then, throughout our life, as listeners, we never lose that fascination with a tale well told. There are […]

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Santa Claus

Resources for Business Leaders: December 2017

For this, our last curated post of the year 2017, we bring you helpful resources for your business and your curiosity. The posts, podcasts and videos below should shed some light on LinkedIn, Santa Claus and one of America’s top-secret facilities. 1. LinkedIn Ads: CPC vs. CPM Bidding You may know your target market spends time […]

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Man working in an industrial shop

FarWest Fabricators: The Legacy of a Fair and Honest Man

Our mantra at OneAccord is “Building Values. Built on Values.” This guides everything we do, including buying businesses. FarWest Fabricators owner Jeff Carter inherited a legacy from his father and worked hard for years to preserve it. When the time came to retire, he wasn’t going to sell to anybody who didn’t value that legacy […]

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Hands covered in paint

Branding on a Budget

This post originally appeared on the OneAccord Partners blog. We’re reprinting it here with minimal revision. What Makes a Brand? To many of us, it takes millions of media dollars and dramatic Super Bowl commercials to create an effective brand. We think of Budweiser and Coors, or Staples and Office Depot, but seldom consider the brand […]

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