Food Industry Trend: More Indulgence, Smaller Portions

The definition of healthy food has changed. In the 1980s it was low-fat at any cost—high sugar and chemical content was entirely permissible if it created a tasty, fatless version of our favorite foods. Today there’s an increasing emphasis on reading labels and selecting products based on the purity of their ingredients. Diets like Paleo […]

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Marketing Growth on Social Media

The question of marketing on social media is a big one for small business owners who don’t want to miss out on a potentially huge ROI but also don’t want to waste their time chasing rainbows. The truth is your marketing mix will always be unique to your business and your customers. If your ideal clients […]

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OneAccord Partners - Leadership

Leadership in Business

Leadership is an endless topic of study and debate. In the business world, leadership can make the difference between a surviving company and thriving one. The posts and articles listed below approach the subject from the perspectives of science, experience and outside help. What Science Tells Us About Leadership Potential Many myths persist around what makes […]

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OneAccord Partners

What Can Businesses Expect from the Trump Administration?

Recent events have turned the conversation among business owners to what last week’s inauguration means for them and their organizations. Venable LLP recently hosted a summit to examine this issue, highlighting the following. These are thoughts for consideration, not predictions, and do not represent an exhaustive list by any means. Congress, the Cabinet and Deregulation […]

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Marketing Challenges and Opportunities

The Goals and Challenges of New Marketing

When it comes to marketing practices for modern companies, it’s no surprise that inbound is king. Not only is this form of marketing less expensive, it’s also more effective than traditional tactics. Hubspot released its eighth annual report on the state of inbound marketing this month. You can download the full report here. In this […]

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