Eric Fry, Principal
Seattle, Washington

Mr. Fry is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and a member of the Institute for Management Consultants (IMC). He is an inspirational leader and has a 25 year career in selling, managing, training, speaking and consulting. He is a dynamic communicator who, not only orchestrates ways to improve, grow and drive profit to the bottom line but also leaves a legacy of "possibility" on the people and teams he works with. His strengths are in creative problem solving, strategic planning, training, teambuilding and quality implementation. In addition, he is known for putting together highly successful sales teams, through assessment-based hiring, training and one-on-one accountability coaching.

His career includes successful work in; retail sales and management, business to business, wholesale and a seven year engagement in broadcast sales and sales management for Seattle radio stations including; KMPS/Boston Globe, KING/King Broadcasting, KHIT/Bingham Broadcasting and KCMS/KCIS/Crista Broadcasting. In 1990 he joined Mr. Brian Tracy of Brian Tracy International and successfully sold and facilitated executive leadership and sales development skills for individuals from variety of companies including: Microsoft, Unisys, Aldec, US West Cellular, and Cellular One. He launched his own consulting firm in 1992 and has spent the last 15 years engaging a wide variety of clients in the area of strategic planning, leadership development, sales consulting and personal/team empowerment.

His consulting method includes combination of one-time project engagements, ongoing leadership /management team facilitation, coaching and interim sales management. With this method he has achieved a 42% sales increase in 18 months at Kenneth Behm Galleries against an industry increase of 3% increase.

He orchestrated annual sales increases of 80% and 40% with WARM FM/Brown Broadcasting. As an in-house consultant he led Allpak Container to a 32% increase in new business in 12 months. He also designed and led a 28% increase in sales for Associated Energy Systems in a 12 month period. He designed and implemented a self-directed work team sales program for Griffin Envelope which gained a 30% increase in 12 months. In addition to sales increases, Mr. Fry has generated bottom line profit through quality assurance initiatives; notably – a $40,000 (300%) increase per month in recycle paper sales for Griffin Envelope.

He graduated with 2 education degrees from the University of Washington and survived the University of Washington Football program with no permanent damage even though being temporarily paralyzed from spinal compression. He and his wife Jennifer have raised three sons and one daughter. They are active in their church, where they focus on individual gift identification and development and marriage ministry. He is an avid kayaker and most recently is trying his hand at sailing.

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