Dave Parker, Chief Revenue Officer & Principal
Seattle, Washington

Over the last 20 years Dave's career success has included both product and service industries, selling both tangible and intangible products in the technology market segments including hardware, software, and wireless. For the last 10 years he has held executive positions in IT services, software distribution and hardware development companies, including founding roles and CEO/President at both License Online, Inc.

License Online was founded in 1997 to capitalize in the changing distribution channel, the company grew from Zero to $35M in sales in four years and developed a channel of over 45,000 distribution partners that were 85% net new to the software distributors that the Company served. License Online was sold to Synnex Information Technologies (SNX) in 2002.

Dave's experience best in the catalyzing change in startup and growth companies as well as turnaround. His expertise also included business planning, financial modeling, fundraising and international joint ventures. He is passionate about serving the customer, and is an effective leader and entrepreneur. He has served on the board of a number of companies and organizations, including Classmates.com, Digital Marketing, Software Information Industry Association (SIIA), and non profits boards of Seattle Union Gospel Mission and Brotherhood Ventures. He is an Alumnus of the University of Washington and has been recognized by the World Technology Network for Innovation in the Software Industry, Forbes best of the Web and the Puget Sounds 40 under 40. He is a frequent speaker on business and entrepreneurship.

T. 206.818.7000
S. DWParker1
E. Dave.Parker@oneaccordpartners.com

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