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Good Reads for the Business Owner: May 2017

Disruption is a common word these days, and it’s not limited to technology. How we work in any industry is being disrupted, as is hiring, education, the very notion of having a profession and more. But one constant amid change is the need for solid leadership. The posts, podcast and video below focus on what’s changing, where the professional […]

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Good Reads for the Business Owner: April 2017

Just the thought of competing with large chain stores can be daunting, but a small business can be real competition for even the biggest brands. This month’s posts, podcasts and video focus on how small businesses can compete with the big retail stores, how to deal with the increasingly remote version of employment, some surprising insights into marketing and an in-depth look […]

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OneAccord Partners - Leadership

Leadership in Business

Leadership is an endless topic of study and debate. In the business world, leadership can make the difference between a surviving company and thriving one. The posts and articles listed below approach the subject from the perspectives of science, experience and outside help. What Science Tells Us About Leadership Potential Many myths persist around what makes […]

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Smiling businessman with paper listening to his colleague at meeting

5 Essential Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask a Candidate During a Job Interview

As a business owner or hiring manager, during any job interview you should spend at least 30 minutes asking your candidate a set of pre-determined behavioural or competency based questions relevant to your specific role. But then, assuming you’re satisfied with their responses, you should definitely ask the following five essential questions that will prove […]

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