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Glasses, cookies and coffee

Resources for Business Leaders: November 2017

As icy gusts of wind remind all of us here in the Pacific Northwest that winter is definitely here to stay (indefinitely), we find refuge in a steaming cup of coffee and turn our attention to the warm, glowing topics of business. The posts, podcasts and video below cover many of the usual suspects — millennials, leadership, marketing […]

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Resources for Business Leaders: September 2017

As technology, marketing and the business landscape change, one thing remains the same: business leaders want to grow their organization. The posts, podcasts and video for this month’s post deal with how to approach many modern concerns in order to ultimately grow your business. From how to deal with the advance of virtual and augmented […]

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Man jumping for joy

What a Successful Turnaround Looks Like

The big difference with OneAccord Partners is the fact that we are operators. Our clients are business owners and leaders who want to grow their business and build value, often with the underlying goal of eventually selling the business for its full value. The fact that we are operators gives us two very big advantages […]

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strategic planning, sales, company strategy

Putting “Value” in Value Propositions

I recently took part in a leadership strategy session where 10 CEOs and business owners operating in a similar market were asked to write down what their top three differentiators were that made their company stand out? Out of those 10 CEOs in the room, seven of them wrote down that their biggest asset as […]

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