OneAccord's Revenue Review

OneAccord’s Revenue Review™ meets the needs of companies who are looking to increase revenue and produce repeatable and predictable sales results, but don’t know where to focus their investment of time and money. OneAccord looks for opportunities for self-funding and incremental growth by determining whether your revenue generation strategy, structure, processes, system, people and culture are aligned for maximum productivity.

OneAccord Principals have significant revenue experience and expertise as former CEOs, C-Level Executives and business owners. Quite simply, the Revenue Review provides a CEO or senior executive with access to and input from our Principals who can validate or insightfully critique existing plans and approaches. With that we provide recommendations based on our experience on where the client company needs to focus its energy.

Strategic Review Summary:

  • Company vision, mission, values and strategy presented by the CEO
  • Is there a strategic vision and/or direction that aligns with customer desires?
  • Can the organization “feel” the momentum of the strategy?
  • Company/product/service value proposition
  • Brand Positioning
  • Quality of messaging
  • Is the website aligned with the messaging of the company?
  • How does the web presence support the sales process?
  • Does the literature accurately depict the sales messaging?
  • What do the customers say about the company and the value proposition?
  • How well are the sales reps at selling the brand / company / product / themselves?

Tactical Review Summary:

  • Financial review by the CFO
  • Reps compensation
  • Balance of salary and incentives
  • Sales representative quotas
  • Sales training
  • A culture of ongoing sales training, coaching, role playing
  • Target customer lists
  • CRM Systems
  • Sales Goals
  • Sales Activity
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Sales Metrics
  • Sales Meetings
  • Sales Language
  • Account Management
  • Customer Service
  • Baseline Sales Audit