Who Executes Strategy?

By Lori Michele Leavitt Guest Writer This post originally appeared on Collaborative Action and is reprinted here with the author’s permission. Who in your organization has a role in executing strategy? Answer: everyone. Who in your organization has a clear understanding of how they fit strategy (encompassing vision, values, purpose, future-look, strategic game plan, strategic […]

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Duty of Care: Your IP and Data Protection

By Dr. Randal Dick OneAccord Nonprofit Principal Most boards work very hard to avoid risk and negligence. It is getting more difficult every year, especially since cyber threats are coming from commercial enterprises and not just isolated individuals. Cyber threats are now priorities for nation-states and have become potential weapons for terrorists. A Clear and […]

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Accountability Improves Performance

By Gasper Gulotta OneAccord Principal Accountability. The word conjures up a range of emotions in most people — from insecurity to downright fear. It’s not easy being held accountable. But in our consulting practice, we firmly believe that accountability actually brings freedom. How does that work? Corporate leaders at all levels find themselves at times […]

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KPI Dashboard

Part 5: Stewardship and the Numbers, Continued

Key Financial Indicators Key financial indicators are important measurement tools for business. These indicators are determined based on the information recorded on the three statements outlined in my previous post. While it isn’t critical for an owner to remember how to calculate each of these indicators, it is important that an owner is monitoring the […]

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