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Good Reads for the Business Owner: Hiring, Managing and Taxes

Good relationships equal good business. So what do you do with baffling people who are necessary to the life of a business? How do you make sure you attract the right people in the first place? The posts below address these questions and more. 1. Managing Creative People and Teams Business leaders often lack the skill and interest required to excel in creative disciplines. Because […]

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Desk set up for doing taxes

Good Reads for Owners: Taxes

A quick glance down the list will tell you the theme for this month’s curated post: taxes. We selected these four articles to arm business owners and executives with practical information like important dates, changes and other insights to make tax season—this one and the next—as smooth as possible. 1. Department of Labor Offers Guidance on Administering the […]

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OneAccord Partners - Leadership

Leadership in Business

Leadership is an endless topic of study and debate. In the business world, leadership can make the difference between a surviving company and thriving one. The posts and articles listed below approach the subject from the perspectives of science, experience and outside help. What Science Tells Us About Leadership Potential Many myths persist around what makes […]

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