Pamela McCann - Nonprofit Principal, Northwest

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Pamela McCann, OneAccord Nonprofit, Principal

Practice Focus

Strategic Development for Nonprofit Humanitarian Organizations & Ministries

Organizational Development

Team Leadership

Business Leadership & Systems

Donor Development


Earl Palmer Ministries

Israel Ministry of Tourism

Los Angeles Mission

Mission Aviation Fellowship

Prison Fellowship

Washington Global Health Alliance

Women of Faith

World Vision

“The heartbeat of my work is helping organizations and teams realize their potential. Working together to understand the individuals, systems and dynamics at play while building strategies to overcome or mitigate hindrances, extending their reach into the needs of the hurting in our world.”


Pamela McCann has been working with nonprofit organizations and ministries for more than 15 years. Her practice has focused on helping organizations increase their effectiveness and profitability no matter where they are in the development cycle: inception, launch, growth, leadership transition, reinvention or turn-around.

She credits her roots in direct-response advertising for teaching her the discipline and importance of being results focused. She has successfully applied this results-based strategy beyond revenue to include process and management objectives creating highly effective teams who consistently achieve goals on time and on budget.

With a track record of high growth, highly profitable launches and turn-arounds, Pamela has held senior leadership positions with major consulting firms, founded a multi-million dollar ministry, and advised such clients as World Vision, Prison Fellowship, Focus on the Family, and Mission Aviation Fellowship. In her most recent position as Senior Director of Stewardship and Communications at University Presbyterian Church in Seattle, she was responsible for working with leadership to develop a holistic, integrated philosophy of stewardship that comprehends what it means to approach stewardship as a life endeavor, not simply a financial one.

An energetic life-long learner, Pamela has recently volunteered with the Washington Global Health Alliance (an inter-faith organization dedicated to promoting collaboration between Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim sending organizations), is a member of the Society of Learning Organizations, teaches fitness classes for senior citizens and is a mentor to young women in business. She and her husband have lived in the Seattle area since 2001.



“Pamela sees the big picture and helps the whole organization gain and share this perspective. She has vision and sees how to put feet on that vision. She is a transforming leader as she seeks to empower people to accomplish what is the core of the mission. She is a tireless worker.”
– Tim Snow | Executive Pastor | University Presbyterian Church

“Pamela is a strong leader whose vision, creativity and passion made for an exciting and cerebral workplace. Pamela is high-energy, high-intensity and one of the most caring people I know.”
– Brian Ma | Front End Web Developer | University Presbyterian Church