Jeff Rogers - Chairman and CEO

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OneAccord Partners, interim management, revenue growth

Practice Focus

Business to Consumer Direct Sales Teams

Acquisition, Training & Development of Sales Force

Financial Services
(Insurance, Investments)

“I am passionate about the opportunity to build something ‘great,’ both within OneAccord and in our client engagements.”


Originally from Edmonds, WA, Jeff graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Finance and Marketing. He has been involved in both sales and management development for over 25 years and is Founder of OneAccord.

His work history includes the strategic selection, development and training of a sales force that began as 56 people and grew to 340, a 36% annual growth rate. His recruiting and sales team development experience is based on personally interviewing more than 10,000 individuals and directing over 1,500 recruiting meetings across all of Canada, Western US, and Mexico. This expansion included the development of new markets and strategies. Expertise includes increasing sales revenue, employee retention, building scalable management systems and the integration of key teams within an organization.

Within the sales organization he personally managed, sales rose at an 88% average annual growth rate. He has taught every aspect of selling: prospecting, presentation, closing, and answering objections. Jeff conducted more than 500 sales seminars teaching audiences of up to 1,100 people.

While building a growing organization, he had nearly 100 direct reports in management positions working in diverse markets and cultures. Retention within his organization improved from a 55% annual rate to over 90%. Competing with approximately 3,400 sales representatives, the organization achieved the highest worldwide per person sales, including the all time company sales record holder.

Recognition in management includes Sales Manager Of The Year: 1986, 1988, 1992, 1993, 1996 and The Excellence Award for overall management performance – the only back to back winner in the 145 year corporate history.

Jeff is involved in coaching basketball and soccer, enjoys skiing and fishing, and is founder and President of Kiros.


Guidant Financial: “My experience in working with Jeff is that he is a man of high integrity who cares about others’ success. His business and network is a reflection of his vast experience and high personal/professional standards.” Read More
– David Nilssen, CEO

A-1 Search: “If you own and/or run a company, you need to know Jeff Rogers. He and the team at One Accord Partners are masters in ways that help companies grow and make impact.” Read More
– Mike Pierce (Antarctic Mike), Managing Partner and Recruiter, Motivational Speaker

Onename Global “Jeff and his team at One Accord Partners are unparalleled in their experience in developing and sustaining top line revenue. I would advise any company seeking to increase revenue to seek out and utilize the services of Jeff Rogers and his extensive TEAM at One Accord Partners.” Read More
– Christopher J. Kramer, President & CEO

WebCage: “Since first getting started with OneAccord, WebCage has quintupled in revenues. This is due in a large part to the analysis of the industry, as well as a detailed sales manual that our current and new sales force can refer to.” Read More
– Dan Janjigian, National Sales Director

Case Studies

Altig International “Candidate feedback about the training experience was much stronger than ever before, with the roots of company loyalty being proactively communicated by the successful new sales classes…According to the CFO, each 5% gain in retention is worth several million dollars to the bottom line.” Read More

GM Nameplate “Today, GM Nameplate has much stronger sales operations to support our goals and drive growth. We are confident we have the appropriate processes and accountability in place to execute effectively.” Read More
– Gerry Gallagher, World Wide VP, Sales & Marketing

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